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How you negotiate has as much influence on the outcome as what you negotiate, and skilled use of pre-negotiation influencing opportunities largely determines the outcome of a negotiation.

Skilled Negotiators will spend typically up to 80% of their time and effort on pre-negotiation influencing.

As part of your preparation we think it's important that you understand all the potential parties involved, not just the obvious ones. It's important to understand their interests and not just their stated positions. Seek also to understand their Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement (BATNA), not just your own, and consider the incentives of the people at the negotiation table, people negotiate, not organisations.

Conflict is a growth industry, everyone wants to participate in decisions that affect them. Perhaps you are already in a negotiation but at deadlock, or facing tough hard bargaining tactics from the other side, threats, extreme demands, even unethical behaviour?

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